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You’d Bettah Work! Part 1

For women like me who work from home, this life might seem like a dream – and, sometimes, a bit surreal.

Maybe some of us started this way, on our own. But a lot of us have our previous corporate careers still in our rearview mirrors.

Self-employed life attracts women who want to do it their way. Corporate life didn’t work out – for all the right reasons.

So, here you are now. Working from a home office, checking emails from bed, no defined office hours – and it’s truly the best thing ever. Your rules, your way.

But the bottom line is that, to realize your full potential, you can’t be working in your pajamas or stretch pants. And you definitely don’t want to be bragging about it on Facebook or Twitter. Yes, it’s amazing that you have the ability to do so. No one to tell you you can’t.

Except that I’m telling you you can’t. With lots of love, of course.

Listen, if you’re a service professional (or someone whose brand is built around themselves), your life depends on your credibility.

Ooh, that word sounds so corporate. Let’s not use credibility, instead let’s think of your validity or believability – the likelihood that someone will see you online and hire you. And, if you’re wearing clothing you wouldn’t be caught dead in seeing an actual client, we’ve got a problem.

Why? Because your business IS your client – and she’s one, high-maintenance bitch. You’ve got to stay on her good side, and that means cultivating your business with continuing education, being of service in your community and (most importantly) living your brand.

See, here’s the thing about habit: little habits lead to identity, for better or worse. If you’re spending your days in nondescript style, you’re adopting that as your identity. Getting dressed every day is practice – no, it’s LIFE.

The lesson: don’t spend your life in elastic waistband pants. Because when it’s time to do something that helps illustrate your credibility – like networking, presenting a talk to prospective clients, or a photo shoot – you probably won’t nail it the way you wish you had.

But, hey, I’m not going to give you a stern lecture about getting your butt into a for really-real, bona fide outfit every day and not give you the tools to make it happen.

If you’re working mostly from home, the truth is that you need good separates: t-shirts, pants, blouses, etc. They need to be comfortable and they need to reflect your style. So, below, I’m covering styles: rocker, creative, classic and bombshell. Next week, I’ll be covering bohemian, euro sleek, french tomboy and socialite.

Work from Home, Part One


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