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Wardrobe Wednesday: Why “Skinnypants” are for Everyone

There are few garments which we revere as absolute wardrobe staples more fervently than jeans. Am I right?

This particular item is so compulsory, so ingrained in our culture, that we can’t help but buy them as if we’re in some sort of denim trance.

Must … buy … jeans.

But I’ve found that jeans tend to be the root of multiple wardrobe problems we tend to ignore – because jeans are known as such a valuable wardrobe staple.

First, a premium pair of jeans is going to set you back at least $200. I’m all for quality garments, but these aren’t jeans made of wool or silk. Jeans are cotton and lycra.

I should also disclose that I’m past the point in my life where I don’t give the slightest consideration to the label on my jeans. I have a feeling many of my readers may also feel the same way – but, again, we’re up against culture here.

Second, to get good fit from jeans, they need to be snugly fitted. Which stops being comfortable after about 90 minutes of sitting, standing, walking or any other activity done while wearing jeans.

So if jeans just aren’t working out for you, then consider an alternative – skinnypants.

Whoa! Skinnypants?!

First, what are skinnypants, and don’t I need to be reasonably slim to wear them?


Skinnypants are universally flattering.

But, I’ve tried them on and …

NO. You’re wrong. Not every pair may be for you, but the silhouette is most definitely for everyone. And they’re, hands down, the best alternative to jeans.

Why? First, they’re fit snugly so they show off your shape. And, regardless of your body’s size or shape, this is ideal because you never want to add extra bulk.

Second, skinnypants are usually a lighter material than denim – although, they’re both the same fabric weave. And, therefore, way more comfortable.

If you’re still skeptical, try some on! Try to find pants in a heavier fabric (for modesty) and also consider patterns.




  1. A revelation! Thanks, Nicole! ;-) :-)

  2. I’m not sure about this. Nicole, you are totally pushing me out of my comfort zone… that is a good thing, I think… ;-)

  3. Great episode Nicole. I have to agree that jeans aren’t always the most comfortable things to wear. I was a skinny jean skeptic until I actually tried a pair on! I thought because I wasn’t 6 feet tall and 100 lbs that I couldn’t possibly wear them. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that was untrue. I will definitely consider skinny pants in my future shopping!

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