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Friday Faves: more on those skinnypants …

Is it just me, or does the season otherwise known as “the holidays” make every day feel like Friday?

Not in a good, “wheeeee, it’s Friday” sort of way. But more like, “there’s still so much to do, it can’t be Friday yet!”

Every year it’s like this. But this year, I’ve decided to take a chill-pill. “It” will all get done. Or it won’t – whatever.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is next week. After that, we shop our faces off until the end of the year. Here’s what I’m thinking:


Friday Faves 11-22-13

1.) Earlier this week on the Goodwill of Orange County blog, I wrote how I think it’s smart – for a variety of reasons – to buy your holiday gifts secondhand. Yes, it’s a radical idea: “here, I got you something used!” doesn’t sit well with holiday traditionalists. But I’m all about rejecting things which are obligatory – like buying your gifts at Kohl’s (gah, I can’t even type the word “Kohl’s” without being annoyed).

So, seriously, consider buying a unique gift from a thrift store that supports a charity. Trinkets are good. But, if you’re crafty, and you happen to know someone who needs a lamp, consider this project I found on Design*Sponge.

2.) Remember when we talked about skinnypants? Check these out. All totally affordable, all from JC Penney (a retailer I really think you should give a second look).

3.) You know what I hate buying? Bags of generic gift bows. You know what I have an abundance of, just lying around my entire house? Magazines. BOOM.

4.) Pecan pie. It’s happening this year – finally. For SIX years now, I’ve submitted to my husband’s demands that we have pumpkin pie. But I’m putting my foot down and going with pecan.



  1. Erm…love those JCP skinny pants. Like LOVE LOVE those pants. I need some new ones to add to my arsenal. Think I might need to go to the mall today to check them out and try them on before the holiday shopping frenzy is in full effect.

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