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Becoming You: Personal Style Camp

If you’re frustrated with the state of your wardrobe and shopping, if you constantly feel like you have “nothing to wear” – you’re not alone.

The modern experience of building an image is intensely dysfunctional. Access to good quality, affordable style has almost been completely lost to a bygone era. We’re also being bombarded 24/7 with media images defining a very narrow slice of beauty. We’re told:

“Look just so, and do your best to fit in and avoid getting noticed.”

Listen up ladies, “fitting in” is highly overrated. Here’s the deal: I want you to get noticed.

Why? Because when you get noticed, you’re powerful and influential. And, isn’t that what we all want – the ability to bend everything to our will?

Otherwise known as: INFLUENCE.

Your outward image is directly tied to your personal brand and, ergo, your level of success. And I know you want to be successful – both in your career and your relationships. Having success in both of those requires you to be confident and comfortable in your own skin clothes.

A feeling of total satisfaction with your wardrobe is possible for any woman who chooses to make it a priority. I know, because I was once a total fashion flunkie.

What I learned in my own transformation was that the secret behind having an image that makes you feel like you could take on the world, all before lunch, is having a memorable, signature image.

One that is true to your unique personal brand – that person deep down inside of you.


Projecting an image that’s authentic to your brand is easy and fun because you have a wardrobe you love. Planning outfits for networking, speaking engagements and meeting with clients (even if they’re just online) makes you feel confident instead of frantic.
And, during the times when you’re relaxing, you’re still wearing your personal brand in case you run into potential clients, referral partners or competitors. You’re confident, capable, desirable and influential because you now have a command of what to wear and how to wear it. Overwhelm, over-shopping and over-spending are all in the past.

My program, Style Camp, is a transformational experience that reverses wardrobe dysfunction and teaches you how to style yourself. It will reprogram the way you think about shopping, clothing and personal style.

And when I say ”reprogram,” I mean the switch will flip and you’ll experience multiple light-bulb moments.

(Note: this sense of confidence and contentment is possible for any woman, any size/shape, any personal style. I know because I’ve worked with a diverse variety of clients from size 2 to 22.)


The Details

Style Camp is a 4-module, guided workshop. You will receive a workbook with 4 sessions of one-on-one coaching with me via Skype or Google+ Hangout.

Additionally, you will have unlimited access to our very own, private social network of fellow wardrobe-builders. Here, you have direct access to me even after the program concludes to ask advice, brag about your amazing new look and rub elbows with women like you who’ve gone through the program.


testimonial michelle

No more fumbling through trends and trying to make them work, and no resorting to t-shirt and leggings every day, either. Nicole’s service helped me realize that I have a style all my own. Now I know how to navigate the stores (and my own closet) to find the pieces that not only make me look good, but FEEL fabulous… and still feel like mySELF. My outside finally matches my inside. – Michelle C. The Suitcase Studio


Here’s what you can expect to learn:



But here’s the most important thing you will take away from this workshop:
How to build your wardrobe strategically.

Because you will become acutely aware of what you need and what is right for you, you’ll stop wasting money on the wrong clothing. Because your closet will be in order, you won’t have that constant nagging feeling that your wardrobe is missing something.

For example, if you spend $200 a month on clothing, imagine the wardrobe you would have in a year if you were buying things that were right for you – and not just right at the moment. That’s what it means to invest in your clothing; and if you’re interested in seeing what $2,400 can get you, check out my post on dropping a lump sum into your wardrobe.


Here’s what more clients are saying:

About building a better wardrobe …


Before working with Nicole, I had no idea what my style was; I didn’t even think I had one. Now I do! She helped me define my style, make great outfits from what I already own, and identify key pieces to shop for to round out my wardrobe. I feel much more confident when I’m getting dressed in the morning and when I’m shopping, knowing that I’m making better choices and not making the same mistakes over and over again. – Alexis,


About finding confidence and a new perspective on her style …



I would have never been able to love my wardrobe like I do now, without the help of the virtual coaching I received from Nicole of The Wardrobe Code. The tools and confidence given throughout the coaching program have changed the way I view clothes and perceptions I had about myself and my wardrobe. The Wardrobe Code’s virtual coaching is a great investment in yourself and for your wardrobe. – Maddie D.

Read her entire review of my service and see more outfits here on her blog


About reclaiming her style with what’s already in her closet …

testimonial staceyAfter spending 2 years as a stay at home mom, and 2 more years working from a home office I’d lost all of my style. Having the outside perspective as well as really taking the time to look at what I like was really helpful. Nicole has a fantastic way of guiding you through the process without giving the feeling that you have to throw out everything you have and spend thousands of dollars right now. - Stacey H. Hit The Mic Marketing



About seeing her style develop … 

testimonial tarnya

After taking part in Nicole’s program I know what my style is, whose style I admire most and where my wardrobe lacked. Thanks Nicole, I have enjoyed the transformation, watching the outfits get pinned to my Pinterest board and developing my style muse. You were really able to capture me and my style perfectly. - Tarnya C., The Self Styled Life



About making the investment in herself …

testimonial jules


What I really learned from Nicole was how to shop in my own closet first. Not only have I started to wear more of the clothing I already own in new (and more adventurous!) ways, but I have also saved a ton of money by learning how to shop more strategically and fill in the holes of my wardrobe. - Jules T., Amp & Pivot


testimonial sharon

I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to Nicole for having me try out this program. No joke, it has been totally life changing and has energized me in all areas of my life. I found me. If you are at all interested in participating in this Personal Style Camp yourself I encourage you to do it now!!

- Sharon Garofalow, mom & blogger (read her entire review of my service)


About building a wardrobe at a sensible cost …

I used to dread dealing with my closet because everything seemed so boring and lifeless. Now, I enjoy working with my wardrobe because I know how to add pieces that work with what I have and to create a look that works for me. – Karen

 About learning to make all the pieces of your wardrobe work together …

Style Camp transformed my closet. I feel a lot more confident building outfits, and considering items I wouldn’t previously have thought about wearing. She gave me the framework for putting outfits together as a whole package, instead of just piecemeal, and presenting a finished appearance. – Lisa Ellis


To recap, when you enroll in Style Camp, you get:
  • COACHING: 4 one-on-one sessions with me via Skype or Google+ Hangout to review your work, guide you through the process and provide insight you won’t get without me
  • WORKBOOK: A 4-module guide to help you through the phases of organizing your wardrobe, editing what’s not right for you, uncovering your true personal style and learning how to build a wardrobe around that unique persona
  • VIRTUAL SHOPPING: A custom pinboard of inspiration garments to add to your wardrobe, personalized by yours truly. Use this board to shop for the items directly, or use as inspiration for hunting thrift stores and eBay.
  • MEMBERSHIP: Access to our very own private social media network, the Ladies’ Closet Social Club; share your OOTD (outfit of the day), brag about what you got on-sale or ask the group a style question. You also have access to my wardrobe wisdom to help you after our coaching sessions

Cost: $697

Payment plans available, cost subject to change at any time without notice

Are you ready to take your style into your own hands and transform your image? Yes? Then let’s do this. You’ve got 3 options for taking the next step:
1.) Shoot me an email at with any questions you might have
2.) Schedule a “Skype Coffee Date” so we can chat further
3.) Buy now if you’re ready!

Style Camp: 4 Sessions

style camp square
Price: $697.00

Style Camp Deposit - 3 payments

style camp square

3 payments of USD $235

2nd payment due 20 days after the first payment

3rd payment due 40 days after the first payment


Price: $235.00

DON’T WAIT. Sign up now and begin to build the wardrobe you deserve.

Have questions, no problem. Check out my FAQs page.